i’m having trouble describing the feeling i have right now... this past year was difficult for everyone to say the least... when i look at my track listing and almost half the songs i made r with people who are no longer with us... im reminded of the year i had... i have a lump in my throat even writing this... that i dont get to share these moments, phone calls, sessions where we just laugh for hours on end... juice and chase both had some of the best spirits and energies i had ever been around... both had such infectious laughs and left a mark wherever they went... i will miss them forever ! justin thank u for letting me go on this journey with u... the courage it took to put it all on the table like that is truly inspiring... gracie ! watching u grow since ur early teens into the artist u have become today is so fucking cool... and u havent even scratched the surface of what u r capable of... vance... my handsome curly haired humble giant... ur songs always put me into another world... u have such a way with words... and marshmello... dude this song would be nothing without u... u r such a beast and now have filled my house with a lifetime supply of marshmallows so i will double thank u... omar this song is so important to me on so many levels !!! my dad has really been going thru a tough time so its hard for me to get thru this song without crying... thank u for making a song that pulls on my heart strings like no other song right now... this album also wouldnt be shit without all the incredible collaborators !!!! thank u to finneas, cashy, the freaks, julia, blake, pollock, dylan, caroline, dad, elsie, happy, justin, chase, gracie, juice, marshmello, james, jake, matt, and everyone at interscope and fks... but guys foreal !!!! i cant believe i am putting out MY second album... i still cant believe u let me put out the first one... so i guess i will just keep putting these out until u beg me not to... i luv u guys ! im nothing without u !