#COP26# 西方媒体轻视COP26, 并将其看作一个游戏节目,报道最新的筹码是多少。中国拒绝玩这个游戏。西方领导人只浮于表面言词而非行动,中国则相信行动的力量。请看看中国在经济增长和控制疫情方面的惊人记录。

如果中国说要在 2060 年之前实现碳中和,那么这个目标就会实现。而美国呢?如果特朗普成为下一任总统呢?美国的治理是一场车祸。约翰逊呢?他只会纸上谈兵,空口白牙,没有实质内容。一想到气候变化的未来掌握在他们手中,就非常令人忧心。

Western media trivialised Cop26 and treated it like a game show. What's the latest bid? The Chinese refused to play this game. Western leaders are wedded to words not action. The Chinese believe in action not words: look at their stunning record on economic growth and Covid.

If China says it will be carbon neutral before 2060 it will deliver. And the US? What if Trump is the next president. US governance is a car crash. And Johnson? All words and no substance. Just blah blah. The future of climate change in their hands? A deeply depressing thought.