Happy International #国际女童日#, everyone! Today, I’m teaming up with Michelle Obama and the Girls Opportunity Alliance to shine a light on the importance of girls’ empowerment around the world. Uyen, an inspiring 12-year-old student from rural Vietnam, is sharing some of the barriers she has faced to getting her education—and how she’s striving to overcome them with the support of Rock-Paper-Scissors Children's Fund an organization that is part of the Girls Opportunity Alliance.

Uyen’s story touched my heart. And the truth is, there are so many girls like her who are hungry for the chance to learn but who don’t have the opportunity. Even before the pandemic, there were more than 98 million adolescent girls around the world who were not in school, and that number could grow even higher in the years to come. We can’t let these girls’ dreams be cut short—for their sake and because our whole world benefits when girls are educated and empowered. Because when girls like Uyen receive the opportunities they so deeply deserve, it creates a brighter future for all of us.