White supremacy, with a (CNN: with a rock)

感恩节期间,62岁来自辽宁的GuiYing Ma老人在纽约皇后区遭到32岁Elisaul Perez的袭击,头部被石头砸伤,目前仍在急救室处于昏迷状态。

这是她的GoFundMe: http://t.cn/A6xoXOPz


ABC7: http://t.cn/A6xoX19G

Perez was arrested and charged with assault in the first and second degree and criminal possession of a weapon.

It's unknown if the victim was targeted due to her race, but police say the attack is being investigated by the Hate Crimes Task Force as a possible bias crime.

It's not clear if the system will release Perez before the victim recovers at the hospital.