(5/11) “That was the day my life changed forever. They did the brain test. And it came back brain cancer. Fucking brain cancer. My ten-year old sister. It didn’t seem real. Nothing seemed real. Suddenly my life became the worst movie ever. They checked G into the hospital immediately, and for the next year I had three homes: ‘home’ home, Madison Square Garden, and New York Presbyterian Hospital. I will say that in the children’s ward they treat the parents like kings and queens. I had my own bed. My own shower. I slept there every single night. In the beginning G was really scared. There was a lot of crying. She hated needles. She’d freak out every time they drew blood, which was like every day. But one night we were lying there, in her room. Lights are off. And she says: ‘Ant, I have a question.’ So I’m like: ‘What’s up G?’ And she says: Why me?’ Whoa boy. I just let it hang for awhile. I’m thinking: ‘Holy shit, what the fuck do I say here.’ But I’m the adult. I’m supposed to be the one who knows stuff. So I said: ‘I dunno, G. Why any of these kids?’ She didn’t even answer. But she must have been thinking about it. Because let me tell you -- after that night, this kid took on cancer like nobody ever has. Ask any of them. Any of the people at the hospital. They’ll tell you: Gianna came in there as the scaredest kid ever, but she turned into the toughest kid there. It was a grind. A ton of chemo. Brain surgery. But two years— on February 13th-- this kid beats it. Cancer free. And that day became our holiday, every year. We’d always do a little something different every year. Normally it involved pizza and pasta. But one year we visited the set of Law and Order SVU. Another year she got to be a ball girl for the Knicks, which had always been a dream of mine. There’s a picture on my fridge of that night. She’s standing next to the players before the game. She loved that part. That was the pinnacle of her ball girl career. Because five later she got hit in the head with the ball, and she retired. I’ve still got a text from two years ago: ‘Hey Ant, what are we doing for our holiday this year? Please, no ball girl.’”