I have been wanting to tell all of you this for 8 days. It’s been killing me holding it in… I think it’s finally time to just be honest and accept the truth.

I have tried my best. Man this is hard to say…

But the truth is. After this post and after my new single “I want love” comes out at midnight TONIGHT…


Can no longer keep up a f***ing perfectly organised aesthetically pleasing Instagram page. I mean I am 33. I have acid reflux and I want to get changed out of this suit and just BREATHE. 😂😭🤣😩
(I am actually laughing out loud at myself)

Life is too short. I can’t do it.

I will still be posting the 18 months worth of content I have for this song and record 🥲🙋🏻‍♀️

But savage, random af singing goofball me also wants some posts. I cleared my whole page and got super confident with it. BDE for real, and MAN it felt good for a few days but the pressure is just too much. 😂

WOW. That felt good.

*Walks to fridge to eat left over pie and mash*

And this picture was taken but the incredible ashleyosborn