Happy 19th birthday to my beautiful boy ❤️ Have the most amazing day we love you so much and are so proud of the man ( almost ) that you have become.. Keep being you and never change ( apart from the team you support ) ❤️ Love you Ro Ro ⚽️ Love always Dad ❤️ #RomeoBeckham#

19岁生日快乐美丽的男孩❤️ 祝你拥有最美好的一天,我们非常爱你。我们为你成长为男人而感到非常骄傲..愿你坚守初心(除了你支持的球队)❤️ 爱你罗罗⚽️ 永远爱你的老爸 ❤️ #罗密欧#