I didn’t know James Gibb Was shooting this but I’m glad he did. I loved directing, executive producing and starring in VWars. TWO YEARS AGO TODAY December 5th 2019, VWARS aired on #netflix# and that week we catapulted into a #1# watched show in 103 out of 140 territories. I have YOU ALL to thank for watching this. I thank IDW Entertainment and #netflix# from the bottom of my heart for this experience.
-We made a TV show about a virus that comes out of nowhere AND wreaks havoc on the world just as a virus was about to wreak havoc on the world. What are the chances of that?
-These are some memories of mine that are more behind the scenes.
-We only a limited amount of resources to make this little show but we busted our asses. Every. Single. Day. Adrian Holmes and I worked hard to find nuance and meaning in every moment.
-The cast and crew sweated blood and tears to make these full days on a short shooting schedule.
-My amazing wife Nikki Reed moved the whole family to Toronto and then to Northern Ontario Canada so I could be a dad (to our 9 month old at the time) at great physical and professional expense to her. She the agreed to play a role on the show with me and was absolutely amazing. Such a talented human.
-James Gibb and I spent a year in the editing room with the talented editor Paul Harb and our incredible post production team.
-I watched every single second of footage over and over.
-We edited. And edited. And edited.
-We colored every single frame with our colorists.
-We Built an arctic research station out of thin freezing cold digital air.
-We shot 10 days of reshoots footage in 6 days, because we only had the money for 6 days when we needed 10.

-I thank you all for this and I look forward to reviving this show one day. It’s got some serious legs. If you’ve got time over the Holidays feel free to watch #VWars# on #netflix# and see how truly uncanny the timing of our virus on the show hitting at the same time as the virus hitting our society is/was…

Thank you IDW Entertainment. Thank you Jonathan Maberry Thank you #netflix# . Thank YOU ALL FOR WATCHING.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me. It means the world…