Sharing you 10 photos of me invited as the #bestdirector #presenter attending the 58th #goldenhorsefilmfestival with my #iconic #selfmadedress walking on the #redcarpet #openingceremony .

I am so happy with the results and your responses. I was so stressed, super nervous, but somehow I also joyfully envisioned the exact #
glamorous vision before I walked onto the #redcarpet

So crazy busy, my fans, friends sending me lots of links photos #
news asked me to post those, but I was just so busy #flying #filming ,had no time.

But now just flew back to LA for the very 1st time I have little time to myself, now I am in my #jaccuzi feeling so relaxed, it is so cold Los Angeles, but #jaccuzzi made all the difference #幸福生活 #happylife I am living now, feeling the joy of life’s blessing.

Which pic do you like? I have not asked you yet: do you like my #selfmade #redcarpetdress ? Crazy right? If you like it, what do you like about? Do you like the #messege I wrote on it ?English translation: Be the brilliant of who you are.

It was difficult when I was in #
quarantine making my dress, I had no help no material, was not in a #goodmood , but somehow I found joy and fun created something out of nothing.

Hope I entertained you, made you laugh and encouraged you.

I cut, sewed all the words to the dress all by myself, many many hours of hard work, I put lot of love in it, sometimes the whole world is sleeping yet I was still on the floor sewing, I just want to make something that is personal, also to demonstrate that we are enough just by ourselves to make something #
extraordinary , our own magic , that is as bright as anything you might have never seen or dreamed of.

All it takes is #courage #believes ,lot of #passion , love, mischievous childlike joy .

Cookie: Take everything life give you as a gift, use it to challenge yourself to go beyond what you think is the limitation, walk one step further, two steps further, after the 5th steps, you suddenly realized you can take another 20steps, 60 steps, and 100 steps become possible.

Love from California ❤️

How to repost videos? Fantastic encourage videos of me from

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