I had all fun posting, celebrating, now posting something more serious for you, these6 pics are me with these3 #topdirector in Taiwan, of cause I love to work with all of them and had honor to meet talked with each of them, wonderful artists, kind human beings.

anglee #李安 #oscarwinningdirector #oscarwinners #director #lifeofpi I have already know him while back in nyc ,we talked many times, last year, this year at the #goldenhorsefilmfestival , I told him he owe me a film , he said I am in his mind he will think if there is a good character that suit me, we will work together, I am looking forward to it, I like him very much as a #amazing #director ,there is a romantic philosophy realness that so powerfully presented in his film, wonderful storyteller .

#陈玉勋 he won last year’s #goldenhorseawards #bestdirector award for his film #消失的情人节 I like it very much, funny touching very contemporary ,we talked a lot, he said, he will think of something for me.
I hope I will work with him, because his film captures very local contemporary culture, that is just something I really like ,lots of heart, so then I can go to #taiwan again ,have more time to full in love deeper with it’s 风情 , of cause not #quarantine again. I like his energy, deep gentle thoughtful.

#朱延平 he made lots of movies earlier years, he told me he only do #commercialmovie ,other wise what’s the point if audience don’t like it, he treat film as a industry which is true, I agree, the film I am making #myquarantineromancewithtoiletpaper #我和卫生纸的隔离恋情is a commercial film, romantic comedy, it will be appearing to a #popular large audience .
Earlier years he did film with a character like #
charliechaplin ,you know how much I love Charlie , hope we will work together.

He thanked me for bring glamour to gold horse film festival, asked me to come back next year again 😜👍💃 谢谢你来给金马添彩,期待你明年再来❤️❤️

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